Inner Balance

Inner Balance is a short story-based game with puzzle elements.


Herdsperson is game inspired by the alpine tradition of Alpabzug.


Cuttlefish simulates two little cuttlefish in their tank.

The Last Mycophile

The Last Mycophile is a short VR game where you brew and sell potions from your hole in the ground. Created during the Global Game Jam 2023.

Cloud Train

Cloud Train is a procedurally generated model train set.


Sitness is a VR fitness application for seated exercises, implemented in Unity.

Kitchen Objects

3D models of kitchen objects. Created using Maya.

Mushroom Character

3D animation of a little mushroom character.

VR Lithuanian Shop

A short VR piece exploring how VR could be used for learning vocabulary in a foreign language.

Procedural Mass Modelling

Experimenting with procedural mass modelling to create buildings in a Brutalist style.

Guy Fawkes: AR Experience

An AR game where you must follow clues to find Guy Fawkes and foil the Gunpowder Plot.


A simple L-system model, written in C++ using the SDL library.